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What is 12SFB?

Yellow Suitcase
  • 12SFB is your real world toolkit to create a positive future
  • 12SFB is a multifaceted system involving individual and group face-to-face sessions, as well as online learning to support and guide you through your unique objective

Green Earth
  • 12SFB shows you how to draw wonderful opportunities from wicked problems
  • 12SFB teaches you sustainable change management
  • 12SFB gives you measurable, on the ground, business improvement

  • 12SFB is a real, proven technique for positive corporate and culture change
  • 12SFB is a self-managed program designed for in-house facilitation
  • With 12SFB, you will access Margot Cairnes’ 30 years experience in bringing heart to corporate culture

12SFB Benefits



Who become happier, more serene, cope better with change, improve their relationships



Who become more effective and creative, harmonious, transparent and supportive



Which lead change, solve seemingly unsolvable problems, maximise prosperity, engagement, and build stakeholder loyalty and satisfaction

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The next 12SFB MasterClasses will be held on June 6 & 7 and August 1 & 2, 2016

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