Join the revolution of conscious people thinking and operating at higher levels of mindfulness, strategic competence, environmental sustainability and social conscience.

Introducing the 12 Steps for Business Masterclasses


12SFB is a cloud based action program for working with wicked problems in a way that builds:

  • Competence in individuals
  • Trust within teams
  • Communication and relationships between stakeholders
  • Strategic breakthrough success
  • Social and environmental sustainability and ethos
  • Engagement
  • Personal responsibility
  • Skills and insights for turning wicked problems into wonderful opportunities

12SFB is scalable – to teams, departments, divisions, whole organisations, cities and countries.

12SFB has been 80 years in the making. Its component parts have been tested and proven within not-for-profit organisations, corporations and whole communities.


The Master Class will provide skills, insights and experience in:

  • Setting up widespread personal, organisational, social and political transformation
  • Understanding the difference between change and transformation
  • Dealing with resistance to change and transformation
  • Transforming wicked problems into wonderful opportunities
  • Gaining, using and ensuring personal, political and professional support
  • Raising personal and group levels of thinking


Anyone faced with wicked problems who wants to upgrade their thinking and that of the people they lead thus creating the organisation/community/country of the future ie:

  • In-house and external consultants
  • Sustainability consultants
  • Strategic consultants
  • Organisational change agents
  • Human resource managers
  • Division heads
  • Managing directors
  • Mayors
  • Members of Parliament



Nigel Wainright
Nigel Wainwright
Executive Coach & Facilitor, Stephenson Mansell

“I attended the 12SFB Master Class in August 2015. It was a superb opportunity to spend two days with Margot and a group of like minded participants getting a taste for the 12SFB program in an empathic and supportive setting.

Margot is one of Australia’s finest facilitators and has a knack for asking great questions that get to the heart of things and creating an environment that enhances growth. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and came away feeling relaxed, respected and expanded.”


Phil Daly
Managing Director, Pinnacle Business Solutions

“The 12SFB Master Class program conducted over two days was a wonderful experience.  From the start of the day with an hour of yoga, I felt energised to stretch my brain, develop my skills and to interact with other experienced facilitators in a brilliant environment. I would strongly encourage any organisation development leader to ‘experience’ the 12SFB Master Class prior to implementing the 12SFB program in their organisation.”

Margaret Robertson
Director, Margaret Robertson Real Estate Pty Ltd

“The 12SFB Master Class, facilitated by Margot Cairnes, demonstrates how this innovative program enables effective and sustainable transformation. Margot and 12SFB show how it is possible to cut through relationship blocks, workplace noise and wasteful actions to create a more effective and supportive situation to move a business or organisation towards its goals.

I would recommend it to any business operator seeking to improve their relationships and who wish to prosper, turning their problems into opportunities.


Michael Thomson
Stockbroker, Bell Potter (1979-2013)

“Margot skillfully shone a guiding light into places I had never been before in my life. Would that I had, for they were full of powerful tools that could have made my business much more effective, more complete and I suspect more mindful.

My brief introduction to 12SFB was enlightening, entertaining and powerful. I look forward to learning more about Margot’s world view in the near future. My only regret is having not done so thirty years ago.”

Melanie Gates-Manar
Owner, Converse Social Media

“This class takes people far beyond mindfulness; it takes visionary consultants and leaders into heartfulness and soulfulness.

I am relieved to now understand that business doesn’t have to be a competitive battlefield as has become the norm. The new paradigm business model has a focus on health and happiness; sustainable relationships that make for more sustainable and profitable businesses; a far more realistic and achievable pathway to individual and organisational success.

What a refreshing experience!”