Organisations are complex systems.
Margot Cairnes understands these systems.

Margot works with people bringing alignment, heart, authenticity, strength and strategic vision in an ever changing world. As an inspirational mentor, advisor and partner to Boards and CEOs of multinational companies, she addresses crucial strategic issues in people, strategy and leadership to devise whole organisation transformation projects. For decades, Margot’s audiences have included ‘Fortune 500′ Chief Executive Officers and Directors, international political leaders and members of international think tanks in organisations such as, BHP Billiton, Reserve Bank of Australia, Alcoa and Levi Strauss just to mention a few.

Today, Margot is a highly respected keynote speaker and panel chair in Australia and overseas. A visionary thought leader, she shows how leaders can achieve world benchmark success in a global environment of rapid change. During her career, Margot has spoken on a variety of topics including:

  • Leading in complex, uncertain and rapidly changing times
  • Relationships – at home and at work
  • Taming wicked problems
  • The politics of change
  • Staying sane in a changing world
  • From chaotic reaction to wise brain strategy
  • Sex in the board room
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Capitalising on the unknown unknowns

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