Greig Gailey
Board member of Caltex , Chairman of ConnectEast and The Australian Advisory Board of Canada Steamships, Deputy Chairman of the Victorian Opera Company. Previously President of the Business Council of Australia (2007 – 2009)

“I have had the privilege of working extensively with Margot Cairnes over many years in a number of organisations both within Australia and offshore. Margot has assisted me in instilling a unique and extremely productive corporate culture within those organisations, which has harnessed the full talents of the team to drive performance to exceptional levels. Not only have the corporates been changed for the better as a result of the process but the lives of the individuals have been equally enriched. Margot also served as my personal coach for more than 15 years and I have found her wisdom and insights of great benefit in helping me to fully exploit my own potential.”

Phil Daly
Managing Director, Pinnacle Business Solutions

“A nice combination of online learning, mentoring and workshops. It’s all about looking at a wicked problem and then saying how can we turn that into an opportunity?”

Simon Richardson
Mayor, Byron Shire Council

“12SFB is crucial for us to use in order to overcome the wicked challenges that government, communities and businesses are facing. If we truly want to make a difference and use innovation and creativity to adapt to what is coming before us we need to operate in a different way… 12SFB gives us these sorts of tools. It’s challenging and can be confronting but ultimately it is something that the more we invest our entire being in, the more we will gain from it. The outcomes are infinite.”

Richard Vinycomb
Director, Byron Region Community College

“If I’m really going to work in a new way in the world I have to reinvent myself and it’s quite a deep process as I have to challenge all my own habits…. we need to go into a slightly more elevated process of thinking about things so we can problem solve… And that’s the joy of being around this learning 12 steps environment; I’m half way through the 12SFB program… what you’ve given me so far has been great.”

Maggie Robertson
Member, Byron Institute for Global Solutions (A group with a vision to develop an education legacy for Byron Bay)

“(After doing 12SFB) we are emotionally, financially, physically more comfortable and harmonious. The program that Margot has developed is extraordinary, I have loved every moment of the past 6 months, and while it’s challenging in so far as one has to have at look at oneself and be very honest, it’s incredible, with cutting edge methodologies, an enormous tool box with all of the strategies; all of the tools we need to face the challenges in our personal and work life.”

Nigel Wainright
Nigel Wainwright
Executive Coach & Facilitor, Stephenson Mansell

“I attended the 12SFB Master Class in August 2015. It was a superb opportunity to spend two days with Margot and a group of like minded participants getting a taste for the 12SFB program in an empathic and supportive setting.

Margot is one of Australia’s finest facilitators and has a knack for asking great questions that get to the heart of things and creating an environment that enhances growth. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and came away feeling relaxed, respected and expanded.”


Michael Thomson
Stockbroker, Bell Potter (1979-2013)

“Margot skillfully shone a guiding light into places I had never been before in my life. Would that I had, for they were full of powerful tools that could have made my business much more effective, more complete and I suspect more mindful.

My brief introduction to 12SFB was enlightening, entertaining and powerful. I look forward to learning more about Margot’s world view in the near future. My only regret is having not done so thirty years ago.”

Margaret Robertson
Margaret Robertson
Director, Margaret Robertson Real Estate Pty Ltd

“The 12SFB Master Class, facilitated by Margot Cairnes, demonstrates how this innovative program enables effective and sustainable transformation. Margot and 12SFB show how it is possible to cut through relationship blocks, workplace noise and wasteful actions to create a more effective and supportive situation to move a business or organisation towards its goals.

I would recommend it to any business operator seeking to improve their relationships and who wish to prosper, turning their problems into opportunities.

Melanie Gates-Manar
Owner, Converse Social Media

“This class takes people far beyond mindfulness; it takes visionary consultants and leaders into heartfulness and soulfulness.

I am relieved to now understand that business doesn’t have to be a competitive battlefield as has become the norm. The new paradigm business model has a focus on health and happiness; sustainable relationships that make for more sustainable and profitable businesses; a far more realistic and achievable pathway to individual and organisational success.

What a refreshing experience!”